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Fukushima local community is supporting us

This post was originally written in japanese by Mr. Tamagawa on his Facebook wall.

He wrote about the truth and reality of plant `s operation at the Daiichi nuclear plant site.

I would like to share his post to english speaking friends.




Today, I entered into the Fukushima Dai-ichii Nuclear Power plant. ( 2012/04/11 )

However, I have the rules on confidentially agreements and restrictive covenants but I will write what I can.

We received the explanation at the “Important and Seismic–isolated building” and went to see closely the reactors No.3 and No.4 which left only a skeletal frame. The highest radiation dose rate was 1000μSv / h today and it was a different world.


My honest impression is that the recovery work supposed to be on progress but it is not progressing. It might mean in progress. It is an undoubted truth, that the radiation dose rate is a very safety inside of the “Important and Seismic-isolated building”, but the radiation dose rate is a very high when you go one step outside.


In such an environment, it was really encouraged me when I saw the people who are working on front line for hold this accident down and people who are desperately trying make their best efforts, and people who work naturally as their duty for sake of others.


The one thing I can say without a doubt is that the Eastern Japan would have been blown off if there were not any support from the people who were worked at the Fukushima Nuclear site. A total of more than 1000 fuel rods are still in the fuel pool, and it is more dangerous than the containment vessel.


This hydrogen explosion had hit only on the water surface, in as positive sense. I seriously, felt that if the fuel, itself reacted and was blown off by the explosion then we are members from the Hachioji city would has become a related party.


Also, we should be careful never to misunderstand is that the accident was not the worst in this time. If the Important and Seismic-isolated building was not completed in a half year before the earthquake strikes, then it would have been impossible the Fukushima plant site to be able to cope and there is no doubt that today` s Japan did not exit. I realized that we should share the horrific fact to our communities, the whole country of Japan and the neighboring countries. We were fortunate to be able to chance to escape from the worst-case scenario.


It was extremely bad situation! It was really close to turn into the worst of the worst catastrophes in the world. Now, there are people who discuss about how to develop each of their operations for this issue, but saying things like “It was a real miracle line that we saved “is just an excuse.

Sumida, Hachioji, Hitachi, whole Tokyo and probably the western Japan were supposed to be at the fine line. Then if we could not recognize this issue is far from over and the crisis is still ongoing at the fine line.


It is a very clear misunderstand that this issue is not only Fukushima plant site. It is really the issue of the whole country of Japan. There will probably be not easy to realize it. This may sound harsh, but realizing this issue I believe that we all share the truth with others. Please remember this important lesson in your heart.


After that, for this issue, I want all of you that would be affected. But not just like an outside supporter and also, it is necessary to reconsider myself, my own work and lifestyles. There is no choice but seriously reconsider the modality of your lifestyle and consuming energy for work which depends on nuclear power plant` s energy.


Once again, I was felt the most painful circumstances when I saw the skeletal frame. It was clearly different from what` s on TV show.

The disasters, themselves are working among the people who are engineers, nuclear experts and ordinary electricians at the plant everyday. Now, at this moment, We, Japanese people are supported by such people.

I realized a misunderstanding is that the concept which we used as “Support Fukushima”.


Conversely, Fukushima local community is supporting for this moment and this position gives support to whole country of Japan for today.

Therefore, you all are affected people in this issue.

Those people who are living in Tokyo or Fukushima city can not understand the fact.

Therefore, be not beyond comprehension, try to get some imagination and there is the only way we can think. They fatefully passed this crane to each other inside of the Dai-ichii Nuclear Power plant. There are people who can not escape. We are able to live a normal life because of these people in there. It does not change even now.


Everyone, this is the fact that Fukushima nuclear plant has not been converged yet. Let` s share the fact that “It is not only issue of Fukushima". I felt painfully that there are people who thinking that this is only Fukushima` s problem. But, there is a big misunderstanding in their way of thinking.


This is my report for today.


Please, click here for original post in japanese.


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